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    My name is Lt. Col. Scott Weaver, retired USAF and third generation pilot. In 1998, Tom Brokaw used the phrase, ” The Greatest Generation" when he wrote his book by the same title. Some thought it was a catchy marketing  phrase. Read my story, and I think you'll agree, that this generation was indeed The Greatest Generation.

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    Thunderbird Field II Veterans Memorial Inc., is a non-profit organization aimed at preserving the history and culture of aviation in Scottsdale, providing a tribute to veterans and an educational opportunity for our children. Please visit www.tbird2.org today and make a donation !

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WWII Flight Training History

During WWII there were over 55 civilian pilot training bases though out the US, training over 150,000+ pilots. Thunderbird Field I, II, Falcon and Sky Harbor trained over 10,000+ pilots alone.